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Missouri Dept. of Conservation and Trout Unlimited Team up for Blue Ribbon Trout Slam


Now, all of us here in Henry County are aware that the best fishing in Missouri is right here in Truman Lake, obviously. But once you’ve got a good amount of crappie, bass, and catfish in the freezer, and you feel like you might like some trout to balance things out, you might be interested in trying one of Missouri’s nine Blue Ribbon Trout Areas for the 2023 Blue Ribbon Trout Slam.

Partnering with Trout Unlimited this year, Missouri Department of Conservation is offering awards to those anglers who can bear to tear themselves away from Truman Lake long enough to visit five or more of the Blue Ribbon streams and catch a trout there.

  • Bronze: Catch a trout from 5 of the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas
    • Award: certificate and bronze pin
  • Silver: Catch a trout from 7 of the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas
    • Award: certificate and silver pin
  • Gold: catch a trout from all 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas
    • Award: certificate and gold pin

In addition to these achievements, the Missouri Department of Conservation also offers the “I Released a Lunker” award for anglers who let a big one get away–and can prove it. That last part’s the tricky one, isn’t it? Anglers who achieve these awards have the option to be listed on the MDC’s website if they choose.

Have fun out there, anglers: be safe, follow the rules, and keep your lines tight, wherever you’re casting. Just remember to try not to be too critical of those other waterways–they can’t help it if they’re not as beautiful as our own Truman Lake.

by Adrianne Nichols, staff writer


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